shipping policy

Our Fulfillment Obligations

Shipping Rates

We ship our cards domestically through the Australian Post. Shipping rates through the domestic postal system start at 8.25AUD for 1 deck of cards sent in a protected padded envelope.

For customers within the USA we send our cards from Gambler's Warehouse. Shipping rates for US domestic start at 5.25AUD.

We provide discounted shipping rates (reflected in your checkout price) for orders exceeding 60AUD.

Lost/Stolen Property

We ship your items to the exact specified address provided and we give the tracking details of your shipment. We cannot guarantee or take responsibility for the Australian postal services timely delivery. Once your shipment has reached its destination, we do not take responsibility if the package is lost or stolen.

At a customer's request, we can apply more detailed shipping arrangements or insurance cover. Payment for such services is levied upon the customer.

Receiving Wrong Item

If you have received an incorrect item we will arrange its replacement. Please notify us of an incorrect item via our contact page or through and for more information please refer to our returns policy.

Receiving Damaged Item(s)

If you receive a damaged item please refer to our returns policy.

International Orders

Our international fulfillments are handled and shipped from the USA by Gambler's Warehouse. Orders are processed through us and sent out within 48 hours of ordering. Shipment tracking codes will be sent via email for your order. International shipping rates are set by Gambler's Warehouse.