The Joys Of Collecting Playing Cards

All about playing cards and why you should start a collection

You definitely know what playing cards are. You probably have fond memories of playing card games with friends and family. When we say playing cards, we’re talking about the classic aces, spades, hearts, clovers and diamonds. And let’s not forget the king, queen and jack court cards! Chances are you still have the same old deck you used to play with lying on your games shelf at home. 

But did you know some people have multiple playing card decks lying on their shelves? Not just multiple, in some cases there may be hundreds! These cards belong to the prized collections of playing card collectors. Playing cards are actually the perfect item to collect! The classic 52 deck of cards has been around forever and they now come in huge variety. When collecting playing card decks, you can find cheap ones, rare ones, good quality cards and inferior ones, we are spoiled for choice. 

If you have never considered collecting playing card decks before, allow us to introduce you to the incredible world of playing cards! 

If you simply cannot wait to start your new collection see what we have here at FLAMINKO Playing Cards. Easily contact us to ask anything you want about a new unique deck for your collection.

What to look out for when you start collecting

When you start collecting, if you want an exciting collection you don’t want to only collect ‘standard’ decks. By ‘standard’ decks we mean any pack of cards you can pick up at your local supermarket or convenience store. Having one or two ‘standard decks is a great place to start, but from there what you want to find are ‘custom’ or ‘designer’ decks. Such playing cards are of regular deck with the normal numbers and faces, but what makes them different are their designs, decals and quality. By collecting many different types of decks and designs you’ll start to have a true collection in no time.  

Classic USPCC Bicycle and Bee decks of standard playing cards

Check out the custom decks below. You can recognise the pips and faces, but the themes and decorations are completely different!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the creative decks that are currently on the market. Also in true collector fashion, you can even find decks of cards that are grouped into series. As soon as you pick up one you definitely want to make sure you have the complete set.

The dragon back series by bicycle playing cards

Some custom playing card designs go even further than a simple colour swap between their respective decks. For example the decks of the deliciousness series. For these cards, each deck is an entirely original and unique design! 

the FLAMINKO Deliciousness Series
the complete custom aces and pips of the burger deck

You can find out more about these incredible cards right here!

How to begin a playing card collection

You might be wondering how do I start my collection? Until now I’ve only ever seen the normal decks. To find some custom playing cards you have to do a bit of digging. If you visit magic or games shops they often have in stock playing card decks not of the usual variety. Having exhausted your local shops the next best place to turn is the internet. There are hundred of trustworthy online stores that have all the unique and amazing cards you could ever possibly wish for. Finally, check out kickstarter as there are always new and fantastic designs being created and put up on the site. It’s a definite go to place if you want some decks in your collection that you may not find anywhere else!

The best part about collecting playing cards is that it’s completely up to you. There are no rules or playing cards that you must have. Each collection is personal and every deck you add to it is a deck you love. The collections come in many shapes and sizes and it’s safe to say no collection is the same!
To learn more about custom cards and start collecting today, check out our range at FLAMINKO Playing Cards. We have some of the most fun and unique high quality playing cards that will be an excellent addition to the collection!

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