Playing Card Decks With Interesting and Unique Effects

Here are some cards to add excitement to your collection

A look at 3 decks with interesting effects

Do you know of some playing cards decks in your collection that really break the mould? We're not just talking about incredible custom designs here. Did did you know there are some playing cards decks that have cool and interesting effects physically applied to the cards? Today we are taking at look at 3 such decks that use fascinating printing techniques to really make these cards stand out!

The MPC Impressions Deck

This deck gets its namesake from the embossing on all of the cards. That's right, every single card of this deck has embossed detail. The deck is made by MPC who are experts in creating cards with special UV varnish for the raised embossing effects. They have released a large range of decks with their embossing technique in many different colours. The application of the varnish is precisely done and looks great on these cards.

Any MPC impressions deck is a great addition to a playing card collection. If you are looking for a deck of cards that really stand out with an embossing effect, the MPC impressions deck is a great place to start!

The Bicycle Ombre Deck

Now this is a truly cool and unique deck. The Bicycle Ombre Edge was release for Magic Live! 2017 and only 2500 have ever been printed. This deck of playing cards is a classical Bicycle rider back with a colourful twist.The special effect of these cards is the blue-red ombre gradient decorating the deck. The fascinating themed is present across all elements of the cards from the faces to the card back. The tuck box also receives a soft gradient rework. (as well as metallic inked raised detailing). Most notable however is the gradient painted along the sides of the cards. The tuck box also features etched pips on the sides, from which the gradient on the cards can be seen.

This is certainly a deck unlike any other. If you can get one of these limited decks into your collection it is certain to be an outlier. Until the USPCC brings out another gradient themed deck, this might be the only one available!

The Bicycle Metal Luxe (Cobalt) Deck

Another classic Bicycle Rider Back deck, this time the special effect added is foiling! Other playing cards with foiling exists but this one is especially nice for its simplicity. The Bicycle Metal Luxe decks come with foiling applied to the card backs. You can find Luxe decks in the blue, red and gold colours (gold ones are rare!) The metallic finish on the cards give them a stunning shiny quality. When handling and shuffling the cards, you can see a lustrous sheen as the foil catches the light.

This is definitely a deck you'd want to take out to impress with. The cards still have the legendary linen finish applied. The finish is applied over the foil, so the handling is just as smooth as you would find with a regular Rider Back.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of these interesting card decks. This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are so many more interesting and unique playing card decks out there. Do you have a deck of cards in your collection with a unique or interesting effect? Let us know what we might add to this list!

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