Collecting cards: 5 reasons to get a burn deck

Buying a new deck of playing cards? Make that two new decks of playing cards!

We all know the joyous feeling of adding a new deck to our collection. With each new purchase we eagerly tear off the seal and open the deck. It is marvelous feeling the cards and admiring the beautiful designs. A new deck should definitely be opened and enjoyed, after all, it’s taken hours of work and effort to create the deck and designs. But there’s a problem! Once you peel off the plastic, and tear off the seal, your playing card deck is no longer a collector’s item in mint condition! So what is a playing card collector to do? How can we enjoy our decks while also expanding our collection?

The answer: A burn deck! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting a burn deck with your next latest addition.

1. Enjoy one preserve one!

A burn deck is a duplicate deck. When you go for that new addition to the collection, simply get two of them. This immediately solves the problem above. As the two decks are the same, you can open one of them up to enjoy and behold. As for the other, this is your collector’s item. Tuck it away with the rest of your prized decks safe and sealed.

2. It’s going to wear and tear

pair of bicycle tragic royalty playing cards

In case you aren’t convinced that you need a burn deck consider this: if you plan to use your deck it will wear out! If you are playing card games, practising magic or shuffling all day long, after a while your deck will start to show signs of its use. Thus the appropriately named burn deck, the deck you use ultimately is expendable. Unlike your collector’s duplicate copy!

tragic royalty playing cards ew vs old

3. Magic tricks

Ok here’s an opposite reason for getting a duplicate deck and keeping one closed. Get two decks and use both for magic tricks. You might know of some sneaky tricks you can accomplish with identical jokers, imagine what you could pull off with an entire identical deck! This of course means you might have to open both decks. Or who knows, maybe your trick will involve opening a sealed deck!

4. Trade it later

a stack of playing card deck pairs

Perhaps you’ve opened your burn deck. You’ve played around with it and decided it’s not your favourite. No worries! You can trade the extra one with someone else. There are plenty of people who like to trade or sell their decks. So with an extra deck that you decided you don’t like, you might end up getting an entirely new deck that you absolutely do.

5. A collectors Item

sealed and unsealed playing card decks

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your collector’s deck in mint condition. If the deck you have is particularly rare or a limited edition print, keep it sealed! A rare deck in mint condition will retain its value much more than an opened one. So in order to have your collector’s deck and enjoy it, you need a burn one!

pair of collectable playing cards

While it may not be feasible to get a new deck AND the burn deck for every purchase… it is our helpful hint for new collectors. When you come across the deck design that you fall in love with. When the deck is collectible and you can see it increasing in value over time… pick up a burn deck to make sure there’s absolutely no remorse for opening up your purchase.

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