5 of our favourite playing card decks for graphic designers

Awesome minimalist playing card decks for graphic designers

One of the best aesthetics graphic designers can add to their repertoire is minimalism. If you are looking for some inspiration for this style, look no further than your humble decks of playing cards. We’ve compiled a list of some incredible decks that strip back the elements to their simplest forms.

1. The Minim Deck

Minim cards by Joe Doucet
Minim Cards (Black)

First on our list is the Minim Deck. Designed by Joe Doucet and produced for Areaware. This deck is minimalist to its core. The deck is made with plastic cards. Each card is entirely black with a single diagonal line for a back design. For the faces, the pips have been removed with only the corner indices remaining. The pips themselves have even been stripped from their classic designs, to minimal shapes representing each.

This deck is a great centerpiece or accessory to a minimalist decor. The beauty of these cards lies in their simplicity. The deck relies on the bare minimum of design to properly convey the utility aspect of the cards.

2. Edge Playing Cards

Edge playing cards deck
Edge Playing Cards

The Edge Deck was designed by creativemints and produced by TCC Playing Card Co. This great looking deck has a vibrant colour scheme and a clean design. The back features a sharp multicoloured pattern with crisp line-work. The pips and indices have the classic look, but are custom made to provide slight variations to compliment the design. 

The best part about the Edge Deck are the royalty cards. Similar to the back design, the faces are a flat expressionist line-work rendition of the royals. The entirety of these cars feature in block colours and are framed in the centre of the cards with soft bezels to encapsulate the images.

3. The Grid Deck

Grid deck typographic playing cards
Grid Deck - Typographic Playing Cards - Series 1

The Grid Deck was designed by Luke Wadey in London. This deck came about thanks to a successfully funded kickstarter campaign. These are seriously cool cards with no other designs out there quite like it. The card indices and faces are represented entirely with printed words. The design stems from the tweaks to the typography of the cards. A well contrasted colour scheme also helps to make this deck truly stand out.

Vända Playing Cards

Vanda playing cards crimson edition
Vända Playing Cards - Crimson Edition

The Vända playing cards were produced by David Goldklang of Vända Playing Cards. This deck’s unique claim to fame is its “100% rotational symmetry”. You can see this on its back design, the pattern is symmetrical whichever angle it is viewed from. The card back also features a deep crimson radial gradient that accentuates the pattern. The pips and faces of these cards continue the rotational symmetry theme and make a for a very interesting and unique looking deck.

The Virtuoso Deck

Virtuoso deck cardistry playing cards
Virtuoso Deck - Spring/Summer 2016

The Virtuoso Deck was produced by the legendary cardistry group the Virts. This deck features a brilliant design that is perfectly suited for some of the fanciest flourishes out there. The aperture-like back design is eye-catching and powerful. The intersecting triangles give flourishes that extra sense of movement and dynamism, whereas the white circle in the centre gives the cards incredible visual balance with isolations. The faces of these cards are also completely custom, you will be able to find differences between the royalty of these cards and a standard bicycle deck.

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