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The Deliciousness Series

5 Different Ways to Shuffle

Spice up your shuffling game

Imagine having a beautiful deck of cards like Flaminko decks, but shuffling it the boring way. Get to know a technique or two to show off your deck better!

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Collecting cards: 5 reasons to get a burn deck

If you are getting serious about starting a playing card collection but also like playing with your cards, you might want to consider getting a burn deck.

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5 of our favourite playing card decks for graphic designers

Ever wondered what would happen if you put contemporary graphic design and playing cards together? Here are 5 of our favourite decks with outstanding minimalist designs.

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The Joys Of Collecting Playing Cards

Have you ever considered starting a collection of playing cards? There is a huge range of custom playing card designs available. Learn about how what to look for in your collection today.

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Playing Card Decks With Interesting and Unique Effects

Did you know that there are cards that break the mould of ink on paper? Here are some of the decks with those crazy characteristics!

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The Evolution of the Burger Deck

Throughout its production lifespan, this deck's design underwent many changes and tweaks. Read all about how the Burger Deck became a reality...

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