We are a custom playing card design team. Our purpose is to take awesome concepts and produce a high quality deck of playing cards from it. Whenever we create a deck we look at the myriad of designs that are already present and we ask ourselves: "What hasn't been done before?" From this focal point we then strive to create the novelty deck that you've never seen before but always wanted.


FLAMINKO Playing Cards started in 2016, with the creation of the Standard deck. Since, ideas for new custom decks haven't stopped coming! In order to bring our decks to life, we crowdfund to generate the resources needed for a print run. We are forever in the debt of our Kickstarter backers who helped bring our cards to life. Being able to make custom cards is an absolute dream and we can't wait to see what the future will bring.


We take great pride in the quality of our playing cards. In order to produce such fantastic decks, we make sure they are manufactured by the best. Cartamundi is a world leader in playing cards and game card production. Based in Belgium, the cards they produce are among the best in the world. We are incredibly proud to have been working with them since the beginning.


We are well versed in the process of creating a custom deck of cards. Through the experience of our own designs, we have developed a solid method of production. Do you have an idea for a custom deck of playing cards? Perhaps the FLAMINKO team can help you work on it! In addition to playing cards. We like to make games! (card games of course) Make sure to check out our games page to keep up to date for our future exciting card games coming soon.


We have a small close-knit team of talented people. Among our number we have the combined skills of designers, illustrators, marketers, web-developers and more. Funnily enough, none of us are skilled magicians or cardists! We are mostly collectors and we all LOVE playing cards! It is our firm belief quality playing cards can be enjoyed by all. Our team strives to ensure that one way or another, you can have your very own custom deck of high quality playing cards.

Alexander Rivaldy

Digital Strategist

A programmer/front end developer by trade, Alex has applied his technical skills to give FLAMINKO a cutting edge in digital. Rumor has it the boy never sleeps. The volume and output of his work have yet to give his teammates a reason to think otherwise.

Ivan Ramadhan

Development Manager

Magic tricks, playing card design, digital marketing, all of these things, Ivan doesn't have a clue about any of them. It is through sheer force of personality we have happily appointed him our Business development manager.

Nicholas Zeitoun


Legend says, as the sunlight reflected off his noble brow, the beacon was lit. Gondor called for aid. Believe the rumours or not, his head is brighter than your future. He also does design stuff.

Michael Duong

Marketing Strategist

Having recently completed a bachelor of business, Michael is indispensable as the marketing brains of the team. In addition to a sneaky magic trick or two, you may find yourself purchasing a deck through his effortless charm.