FLAMINKO Original Card Games

What?! You guys make games too?! Yes, yes we do! Wow what kind of games? Playing card games of course! We don’t have any of our games ready to sell just yet, but rest assured, we have a huge line-up of awesome playing card games that the team is currently working on ;)


The flagship decks of FLAMINKO playing card company. These decks have been custom designed and come in four different colours. The simple and elegant design lends itself to the layman the cardist the magician and the collector alike.

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Do you enjoy fair and balanced gameplay? A card game that you can win with decisive, calculated and strategic moves? Well, forget that because this game has none of it! It’s absolute chaos! This game is free for all, based on shaky rules and questionable winning objectives. Coming soon!

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A simple resource management game based upon the pressing issue of The Green Paradox. How do we achieve sustainability while also providing for our energy needs? Play through the game and learn about finding the balance between being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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How does one remember the alpha, beta and gamma stars of the Canis Major? How do we understand the stellar OBAFGKM classification model? Perhaps with cards, an augmented reality app and a little bit of gaming mechanics we can find out....

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