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Looking to add to your growing collection of playing cards? Here's why the WATERMELON deck by FLAMINKO Playing Cards needs to be next on your shelf.

This is a fresh new deck with a custom design entirely watermelon themed. This deck is made in Belgium by Cartamundi with the highest quality stock and finish. This is the must-have for any enthusiast looking to add vibrance and energy to their playing card collection.


Take a slice of this deck

Every aspect of the Watermelon Deck was made to incorporate the iconic fruit into its design. From the pips, to the faces, to the all encompassing tuck box design. This is a design that stands out from the crowd and out from the collection shelf. Get your Watermelon Deck today not just for a seasoned collector, but for any new playing card enthusiast!


Why your collection needs a WATERMELON

The Watermelon is a true collector’s deck. This deck is the second entry into the Deliciousness Series, with a print run of only 1500 decks. Be sure not to miss out on this fine entry into the series! And don’t forget, the deck is made with the highest quality materials. It can be a show deck as well as a practical one. Use it to show-off to friends and family alike.

Our belief is that everyone should own a custom deck of playing cards. We wish to share that feeling of pure joy that comes with peeling off the wrapper for a new exquisite deck!



Get your very own WATERMELON Deck today

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What makes our cards different?

We’ve made our cards through the help of kickstarter. Having worked with crowdfunding we’ve learned a lot about the industry and made lots of partners. Our friends help us with distribution and shipping so we’re confident wherever you are in the world, we can get our cards to you.

Our mission is to make the most unique and high quality cards available to you. We’ll stop at nothing to ensure that if you are a fan of our decks, we will get a deck to you! To learn more about us or our commitment to distributing our cards, check out our FAQ.

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