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Are you a collector of playing cards? Looking for the next deck to add to the collection? Here's why the BURGER deck by FLAMINKO Playing Cards needs to be your next addition...

This is the deck unlike any other deck out there. It's a complete custom design based on the iconic burger. This deck is made in Belgium by Cartamundi with the highest quality stock and finish. The Burger deck is truly a must-have for any enthusiast looking to add variety and fun to their playing card collection.


What's in these cards?

The BURGER Deck incorporates all aspects of the burger into its custom design. You'll find tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and patties for the pips. Faces have been turned into unique burgers. The seamless tuck design IS a burger! All in all, this is truly a marvellous deck meant to inspire as an entry level collection deck or as a fun new flavour for veteran playing card enthusiasts.


Why your collection needs a BURGER

The Burger deck is an excellent choice to add to the collection. Not only has it had a limited print run of 1500 decks it also belongs to the Deliciousness Series! The BURGER is deck that you can show off to your friends and family, everyone can delight in its fun and colourful theme.

A vibrant and dynamic deck suitable for any occasion. Sure to be a conversation starter! - Kardify



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A little more about the BURGER…

At FLAMINKO Playing Cards, we know that an excellent deck doesn't stop at the design. That is why we took painstaking steps to ensure the quality of our cards are world class. Too often you find some cool looking cards only to be disappointed by terrible handling!

We’ve ensured you get the best of both worlds, we can guarantee that out of the tuck these cards have thick 300gsm and the gloriously smooth B9 finish. This deck is not just for show, these cards can handle the subtlest of sleights and the most extravagant manipulations.

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