Same cards, new style

Do you love playing cards but grow tired of the same old faces and the same old designs? Introducing the FLAMINKO standard series. If you want a quality deck of playing cards with a fresh new look, then these are the cards for you. These cards have been made to do everything you can do with a regular deck of playing cards, but now transcend the mundane with a new clean and unique custom design.

A custom design

FLAMINKO standard series decks feature custom designed cards. This means that the car artwork has been re-designed. Everything from the suits to the pips to the faces. You won’t find a single element of the cards that have been recycled or copied. The simplest hallmark of a custom deck of playing cards, each card face is completely unique.

High quality cards

If you are looking for a high quality deck of playing cards the Standard series can offer precisely that. Printed in Belgium by Cartamundi these card boast some impressive top of the line specs. Thick 310 GSM black-core stock, CMYK full colour print and the amazing B9 Superluxe finish. These cards handle like you’ve never experienced before.      

Cards for everyday use

Our goal with the standard series was to create a deck of cards that you want to use everyday. The design is simple and elegant. It does not detract from the games you’re playing or the magic tricks you’re conjuring. Yet it’s different enough to make the deck stand out. Wherever you take your FLAMINKO deck, it’s sure to attract attention!

A whole spectrum

The standard series comes in four colours pink, orange, blue and grey. In addition to being our FLAMINKO brand colours, the soft pastels bring a new life to the series. Perhaps you have a favorite colour. Or maybe you're keen on all four, to change the colour to suit the mood!

The Pink Deck

The fantastic deck

Why hasn’t the fun passionate colour of pink been used on playing cards more? We’re now righting this wrong! If you are confident, outgoing and ready to show off your skills as well as your cards, this is the deck for you.

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The Orange Deck

The ambitious deck

Orange is the colour of the quiet achiever. We have made a deck with orange to show our aspirations in our designs. For those who enjoy being different. For the ones putting in the effort to see the result, this deck is the one.   

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The Blue Deck

The wizard deck

This deck is absolutely wizard! We’re bringing it back, with blue neon for the cards. If you’re one cool customer, with skills and talent, it’s time to show off with this custom deck.

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The Gray Deck

The stoic deck

The more conservative of the standard series, this deck performs admirably with less fanfare about its colouration. With a simple colour scheme and the classic red for the heart and diamond suit, one might have to look more closely to see that it is a completely custom design. The owner of a grey deck enjoys this challenge however, relishing in the knowledge of their world class deck, and quietly appreciative of those who can spot the difference.

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