Playing cards all about food

What would happen if you took your favourite foods and turned them into playing cards? Introducing the FLAMINKO deliciousness series. If you’ve ever been eating a burger, a watermelon, a lollipop or any form of citrus fruit and wished they were some form of playing card, then these are the cards for you.

Delicious design

FLAMINKO deliciousness series decks has taken the idea of food themed cards to the max! These cards have custom pips, suits and faces made to resemble their respective foodie themes. You won’t find a single element of the cards that isn’t original and scrumptious. This series of cards shows off the glorious applications of the iconic foods in playing card design.

The best ingredients

Deliciousness series can offer cards of the highest quality. Each deck has been prepared by the incredible manufacturers Cartamundi In Belgium. The series can proudly boast some impressive top of the line specs. Thick 310 gsm black-core stock, CMYK full colour print and the amazing B9 Superluxe finish. These cards handle like you’ve never experienced before.      

Cards perfect for collecting

Our goal with the deliciousness series was to create a series that forms an incredible collection. The designs are colourful and fun. These decks serve as excellent entry level decks to a playing card collection, or as distinct additions. And the deliciousness series was made to stand out. On any collection shelves these decks are sure to pop!

Novelty in each design

Prepare to be amazed at these custom decks, for each one is slightly different from its brethren. Marvel at the fine artwork of the faces. Each deck has small details that are great fun to find. Every time you use a delicious deck you may find something different.   

Burger Deck

The decks are better at FLAMINKO

The first deck of the deliciousness series, features the iconic burger. Each face card a burger. Every suit a burger ingredient. The entire tuck box… a burger!!  You can get yours today!

Watermelon Deck

One in a melon kind of deck

It had to happen, the beautiful pristine design of the Watermelon finally gracing playing cards in all their red and green glory. These mouthwatering watermelons are sure to catch the attention of any within a 20 watermelon radius. Pre-orders for these decks available now!  

Lollipop Deck

The sweetest deck

The hypnotic design of the lollipops are sure to add a new flavour to your cuts and flourishes. This is probably the most exciting and tasty playing card design to come through in a while. Keep your eyes open because these cards are coming to a crowdfunding ner you very soon.

Citrus Deck

Orange is the new deck

With this deck you will be able to vitamin see the difference in quality of FLAMINKO custom playing cards. Featuring the whole citrus family, this is by far our favourite design of the deliciousness series. A must have as the capstone to complete your deliciousness collection.

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