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The decks and cards of FLAMINKO are made not just to fit in, but to stand out amongst your collection. The true joys of collecting start when you can share your passion with others. It is our intention with our bright and colourful designs to welcome one and all to the happy medium of playing cards.

Whether for personal use, gifting or sharing, our cards with their excellent make and quality are the perfect entry point for fun collections.

Deliciousness series 1

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The first full collectible series from FLAMINKO Playing Cards. These stunning decks are all tuned to the theme of food! Each deck features cards with an entirely custom decal based on their respective theme. The cards themselves  are printed in Belgium by Cartamundi for exquisite handling. There's certain to be a deck flavour here for all tastes.

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What makes our cards different?

We stand by some simple design values when creating our decks. We believe these help guide our choices when creating the best possible decks that we hope to deliver to you.

Custom design

It's not good enough to make a fancy back design and call it a day. EVERY aspect of a playing card's design has a purpose. All these elements require a makeover for our custom designs.

Quality make

To often do we see a fun design that's ruined because it's printed on un-laminated cardboard. We ensure our chosen deck quality specifications do our designs justice.

Novel ideas

It's our goal to make something original. Playing cards provide the 52 blank canvases to express our creativity. We hope to bring you packets of the imagination unlike any other decks out there.

Simply fun

We want FLAMINKO decks to not just be admired on the collection shelves, but taken down and used! Our card quality ensures they are ready for use in any situation.

Who do we work with?

We work with some of the best in the business. Our partners help us to create and deliver the highest quality cards possible. As a design team, it helps to have some friends to help in production!

Crowdfunded success

How do we fund our projects?

As a small independent fledging design team, we owe our early successes entirely to crowdfunding. Our backers are the most aweso-incredi-mazing backers ever ;) Most of our latest and greatest decks start on Kickstarter. We always try to give back to our backers with some fun little extras on our campaigns. So keep an eye out!

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An Eye For Detail

Making an impression

With so many incredible decks on the market it's a challenge to stand out. Having a unique aesthetic was just the beginning for our cards.

We've worked very hard to make sure FLAMINKO quality is world class. It's attention to the small things; our most basic decks come with full CMYK colour prints, 300gsm stocks, superior smoothness in the finishes and embossing on the tuck boxes. It's small details like that that makes sure you end up with not just an average deck.

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