FLAMINKO Playing Cards Original Designs

We love to create new and unique custom playing card decks. Our playing cards’ distinct style utilises clean vector graphics and bright attractive colours. Each deck is printed onto a premium stock with CMYK print. All our cards are packaged in custom tuck cases. We have produced numerous collectible playing card series spanning across four original designs.


The flagship decks of FLAMINKO playing card company. These decks have been custom designed and come in four different colours. The simple and elegant design lends itself to the layman the cardist the magician and the collector alike.

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Simple vibrant everyday decks

The Standard Series is the flagship design of FLAMINKO Playing Cards. These cards were designed with everyday use in mind. The deck is a regular 52 card poker deck (plus jokers) with an interesting twist to the classic design. The standard comes in four different colours. These are high quality cards, perfect for the cardists, magicians and collectors alike.

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The tastiest playing cards ever

This series is playing cards like you’ve never seen them before! Some of the most iconic snacks have made their way onto the decks of the deliciousness series. Teeming with creativity, these cards are sure to surprise and delight. Brightly coloured with embossing effects, these decks were made to stand out amongst your collection.

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New tranquility playing cards

Inspired by the soft delicate gradients that can only be found in nature, this series is a homage to the beauty of Earth. The series gets its name from the seas and the sky. The theme of the decks feature everything in between. What is the S series’ full name? It’s a "Secret", for now…

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