The deliciousness series

Tastiest decks out there...

Cards to feast your eyes on!

Wanting to add some colour and flare to your collection? Look no further than our deliciousness series! We created this novel range ready to pop of your shelf.



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Combining the best of both worlds

When we started the design for this series, food themed cards had never before been seen on the market. Our goal was to combine food and playing cards to make something new. Thus was born the Deliciousness Series! Each deck contains a unique food inspired themed with a complete custom design.

We spared no expense bringing these decks to life. The Deliciousness Series was printed by Cartamundi in Belgium. We are exceptionally proud of the world class quality of the cards. We applied the B9 finish on 300 gsm black core stock. The cards also come packaged in a full colour tuck with embossed details.

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The Citrus Deck

A-peel-ing cards

Despite its orange tuck exterior, this deck manages to squeeze in representation from the whole citrus family. You'll find on the faces of these cards not only oranges, but lemons, limes and grapefruit too!

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The Lollipop Deck

Energetic and sweet

Mesmerize and delight with the swirling colours of the Lollipop deck. This member of the Deliciousness Series boasts the brightest colours and the most playful back design. The LOLLIPOP deck is the go-to for fancy flourishes and cardistry.

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The Watermelon Deck

A pure slice of design

Here's our take on playing cards with a Watermelon infusion. This eye-catching deck and tuck is made to draw attention on the shelf or when out and about using your cards!

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The Burger Deck

A true classic

Few foods out there can claim iconic status like the burger. Now that the Burger Deck exists, collectors can celebrate this capstone of cuisine as well as their favourite playing cards.

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