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G'day! We are a bunch of playing card enthusiasts from Melbourne Australia. From our love of everything cards related, we've made it our mission to share our designs and cards with the world!

Our belief is that everyone should own a custom deck of playing cards. We wish to share that feeling of pure joy that comes with peeling off the wrapper for a new exquisite deck!


What's the FLAMINKO vision?

Our goal is to be an innovative producer of fun and inspiring playing card products, unique in design and of exceptionally high quality standards. There are already FLAMINKO decks available for your collection, and we hope to keep bringing you more and more for many years to come!


Building together

Since the beginning of the FLAMINKO team we've been learning from the greater playing card community. From the Collectors to the Magicians to Cardists, it's truly been a privilege being a part of, and growing with the most supportive bunch of people ever. It's really this shared love with the greater community that inspires us to contribute and help to spread the joy of playing cards.

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We consider anyone who has and enjoys a deck of playing cards part of the FLAMINKO Family! If you enjoy the reassuring feel of smooth cards flowing through your hands, that's the FLAMINKO spirit. Everyone who can delight in and admire the efforts put into the creation and handling of a quality deck, consider yourself a part of the team ;)

As for us, we're a motley crew of designers, web developers and marketers. Our skillsets and backgrounds are truly all over the place, the one thing that unites us, is our passing for quality cards!

The Journey So Far...

Humble beginnings

When we first started in 2017 we started from scratch. None of us were skilled magicians or cardists with a social media following. All we knew from the start was we wanted to make a card design group.

Acquiring the Taste

After experimenting a bit with a few designs we created the Deliciousness Series! This was our first real set of designs that we started to produce in 2017.

Kickstarter Story

To start out, we turned to crowdfunding to get our first decks off the ground. Having now successfully completed 3 Kickstarters, looking back it was a lot of work and a lot of fun!

Collaborate to innovate

In 2019 we started working with RiffleShuffle PCC. We love sharing and creating with other like minded folk  and we look forward to collaborating with even more partners in future.

Next steps

Where to next?

The journey is far from over. We still have so many exciting ideas for deck designs we want to bring to life. For fans of our aesthetic, we hope to keep bringing you more cards and more fun FLAMINKO flare you'd be proud to add to the collection.

We're hoping to build the community with YOU!
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