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They are finally here! The CITRUS decks are now available for purchase through our online store. Full of fresh fruity flavour, pick up your deck today to finish off your Deliciousness Series collection.

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Do you want your very own FLAMINKO deck? We look at creating fun and exciting new designs to brighten up your collection. We also sell our cards online! Check out the range below.



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We design Cards

We LOVE playing cards! It's our passion for cards that has led us to create our very own playing card deck designs. With our cards we try to craft unique and inspiring designs that collectors, family and friends would love to own to brighten up their shelves.

For the collectors

We deliver products

There are no shortcuts for high quality cards, else you might as well cut up a piece of paper into 52 pieces. We work with global leading card manufacturers to make sure our cards are exceptional. And we're not just satisfied with an amazing product, it is our purpose to deliver these cards to you. We hope to provide you with a customer service experience as smooth as the finish on our cards. (Incredibly smooth)

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About Us

Our belief is that everyone should own a custom deck of playing cards. We wish to share that feeling of pure joy that comes with peeling off the wrapper for a new exquisite deck!



What makes our cards different?

Every deck of cards has a story to tell. Just like a beginning middle and end, there are a few things we consider vital in the story we like to tell with our cards...

Custom design

Every aspect of a FLAMINKO deck is custom. From the faces to the pips, much care and thought is put into their creation.

Quality make

We are not satisfied with just a brilliant design. We need the best card stocks and the smoothest finishes for our decks.

Novel ideas

Our favourite thing about making our own designs is introducing something new! We hope to produce exciting decks never before seen.

Simply fun

We want you to have fun with your custom deck of playing cards. Built for magic, built for cardistry. Built for sharing a game and having fun with the deck.

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